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Clemonta - 2019-08-30
Ok , I just talked to her . They did a really good job . BTW
Debrah - 2019-08-29
The girls were great!!!
Kim - 2019-08-26
Just wanted to compliment the ladies who cleaned our house today. They did a wonderful job. The house looks really nice.
Jeff - 2019-08-23
This is from my wife
Let them know this crew did a really awesome job. Like they made little cute touches everywhere of how they placed stuff.
Everything looks extra nice
Terry - 2019-08-21
I wanted to get back with you to go over a few items that aided in decision to cease cleaning.
There are several high places that were dust covered doors, return air vents, ledge on 2nd floor, under bed in Master.
The final was not being able to get into house with code, and then unable to lock door when leaving.
This was not new, so I feel it was new people and I do not like having a constant change in cleaners.
Thank you,
Shanika - 2019-07-31
The service provided in my home was exactly what I needed. As a full-time student, employee and mother of 3, I find it difficult to balance it all. I am extremely grateful for your services.
Haley - 2019-07-31
House looks great!!!! Tell them they did awesome! I know I had a ton of puppy fur
Jodi - 2019-07-27
We just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how happy we were with our cleaning yesterday. She worked so hard, and everything looks AMAZING. Best cleaning we have ever had.
Julie - 2019-07-16
I just wanted to let you know that everything looks great! Thank you all so much! The girls were so sweet and I appreciate what a great job they did! Thank you again!

Chris - 2019-05-06
Hi I just wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with our house cleaning last week. You and your crew did a great job and I will be recommending you to others.
Briana - 2019-05-06
The team today did an amazing job!! Please if you can book them for my next appointment
Tim - 2019-05-06
The ladies did a great job today... Please add a $20 tip for today. I would like them regularly... if that is possible. Thanks
Renee - 2019-04-24
Good morning I really like the crew that came yesterday they did a really great job. If I could have them every time that would be awesome. I walked in and felt like my house was professionally cleaned
Tammy - 2019-04-19
Hi there. I just wanted you to know the two people that did my house were fantastic. I would love if they could do it again next time. Have a good Easter!
Haley - 2019-04-04
We are very happy and pleased with the deep clean you all did today. Thank you so much.
Yolanda - 2019-03-30
The individual who cleaned our home did an exceptional job. Theresa, your crews are great. The individual who cleaned today was new to us, but she did a fantastic job, and by herself. Please relay this to her. Thanks again!
Melissa - 2019-02-22
You sent a crew to my house for the first time this past Friday and I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job they did. They were so polite and efficient and my house was picture perfect by the time they left. I could not believe everything they accomplished in less than 4 hours. I would have spent days trying to get it to look as good as they did.Thank you so much for getting my house ready for our party - it was such a load off of my mind knowing that our guests were going to walk into a spotless house.
Amanda - 2019-02-12
I just love when your crew comes! They do such an incredible job!
Thank you
Larry - 2019-02-07
She did a really nice job yesterday on my place. Tell her thank you for me.
Mike - 2019-01-23
Teresa, thank you so much
OUTSTANDING job today by your team. Never s aw them before but as usual, top notch service. Please extend a very big thank you to them.
Courtney - 2019-01-15
Hi Teresa! I just wanted to reach out to you let you know that the cleaning crew yesterday did an exceptionally good job! Please pass along to them my appreciation and gratitude for a great cleaning! Thank you!
Travis - 2019-01-11
Hi Teresa, the ladies were great as always. Thanks! Could we please schedule the same ladies again for the morning of January?
Brianna - 2019-01-11
The team did a great job, thanks again!!
Tracy - 2019-01-08
the crew did a great job! there were some spots missed with dusting and vacuuming, but overall I was very pleased!
Doug - 2019-01-04
Hey, I wanted to let you know that the person that came to clean today did a great job and we really appreciate her staying late to finish.
Gena - 2018-12-27
They did a fantastic job today. Thank you.
Shelli - 2018-12-21
Hi Teresa, we will skip this week. Thank you and merry Christmas to you and your family. So thankful for your wonderful staff and all they do throughout the year!
Carol - 2018-12-19
I just wanted to take a minute and compliment the ladies that cleaned for me this morning. They did an absolutely beautiful job! They were so polite, respectful and sweet! Thank you so much!
Ashley - 2018-11-06
Wow the house looks amazing! Great job!
Wendi - 2018-10-24
I just wanted to say thank you! there are 7 kids and 2 adults in our home, and I cannot keep up with everything on my own. I appreciate your business. You ladies are a blessing to our family (me especially). Thank you!
Former Customer - 2018-09-28
Good luck with these folks. Have gone way down hill since we started using them 9 years ago. Had to move on.
R:It was so sad to see you leaving us. We did our best to please you..
Rebecca - 2018-06-29
Our house looks and smells great! Thank you and your ladies sooooo much for the terrific job you all did this week and every week.
At this time on Friday afternoon, all my major yard work for the season is finished, my dogs are clean and healthy, and my house looks and smells so good. Thank you for the biggest part of this achievement.
God Bless,

Tammy - 2018-04-19
I wanted to let you know your team did a fantastic job!
Rebecca - 2018-02-12
What a relief it was coming home today and finding my house so clean, so fresh, smelling so good and all at once in one day! Money well spent. And the best part is, it will happen again in two weeks!! What a huge relief to me.
Thank you again Teresa, and thank the ladies who did the hard work. The place was a wreck and now it’s so comfortable.

Gayla - 2018-02-09
Good Morning Teresa! The ladies did a great job yesterday! Thank you so much for fitting me in so quickly! Just a couple of areas that will need more attention in the future...master shower, all bathroom light fixtures and kitchen pantry floor. Overall they did a great job...especially the window blinds! So nice to have them clean! I would like to get on the monthly rotation. Any day of the week is fine with me. Also...they left a bottle of cleaner ...Method wood for good daily clean.
MICHELLE - 2018-02-09
The ladies did a great job yesterday- thank you very much!
Carolyn - 2017-09-26
My house looks amazing! They did such a great job! Thank you!
Kristina - 2017-09-22
This crew was WONDERFUL! Love these girls
Terry - 2017-09-19
Teresa- with much deliberation & hesitation, I am going to stop maid service.appreciate your working with me.
If I get in a pinch I will call you again.
Thanks! Terry
James - 2017-08-25
We are going to cancel for a while, Just you know we did not get someone else, we were always happy with your service
Loretta - 2017-05-23
Hi Theresa. Plz just put my acct on hold. I will reach out when we are able to start again. Thank you so much for your time and professionalism and know that I have and will recommend your company to anyone I know.
Best Regards
Mike - 2016-11-11
Theresa I wanted to tell you how happy we were with the cleaning service this week my wife got home and was very impressed with how good the service was thank you very much and please pass on a tremendous thank you to the two who cleaned our home
Diana - 2016-10-10
It was amazing service!!! I have actually given your number to several people. Thank you very much
Kathy - 2016-10-09
Just talked to my mom and she said her house looks and feels cleaner than it ever has. The ladies took their time and did a fantastic job! Thank you!!
Robin - 2016-09-21
Hello, Teresa-
Our house looks spotless! Please keep us on your schedule for every two weeks. We hope we have the same team as today, as these people were amazing!

Rachel - 2016-06-01
Good Evening! Just wanted to brag on the team that cleaned my house today - they did an AMAZING job!
Bee - 2016-05-12
The lady who cleaned my house was very sweet and she did an awesome job. Thank you
James - 2016-05-02
The ladies did a great job, glad to have you back
Robin - 2016-03-15
Hi T. Thanks so much. You guys always do a great job. I wish I could afford you monthly! So nice to come home to a clean house.
Take care!
Kristen - 2016-03-01
forgot to tell you but last time the ladies did an excellent job. The house felt truly clean not "rushed"
Linda - 2016-01-19
Teresa, I wanted to let you know what a very good job the girls did for me. I appreciate them so much!
Jodi - 2016-01-19
Theresa, I just wanted to tell you that the house cleaning today (and the last time as well) were absolutely outstanding. Really, really wonderful. Please let our crew today know that they (she) did an amazing job and we are so grateful.
J - 2016-01-12
Hi Teresa. As much as we love the service, I think we need to discontinue for now. We were hoping to continue, but it makes financial sense to make the change. Thank you so much!!
Mike - 2015-12-17
Teresa, the ladies did a great job here on Wednesday.
Always happy with your services.
Vanessa - 2015-12-17
The ladies did an excellent job. Thank you for your years of assistance. God bless.
Kim - 2015-09-07
Hi Teresa, I hope you have had a nice weekend. I want to thank you for the time and effort put into cleaning our home. Please know that you all do not need to come any longer as I have a full-time house manager. I am happy to help with any references. Thank you so much!
Cathy - 2015-07-29
What an amazing job you did for my daughter, thank you so much! I will be calling to see about you coming to my town home in McKinney. Do you work in that area, Custer & Virginia?
Jonnie - 2015-07-18
Thank you so much for a great job on our house today.
Haley - 2015-06-28
My house looks AMAZING!!!!

Fang - 2015-05-22
I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job your crew did today. The sinks were shiny as you promised! I was very impressed by your services and will definitely recommend your business to all of my friends. Please tell the ladies I said thank you. Have a good weekend!
Jamie - 2015-05-18
Teresa, Your ladies did an amazing job. Thank you again for providing this service! We will be calling your company again the next time we need cleaning done!
Carrie - 2015-05-14
Teresa I am going to need to cancel my cleaning services for now. We are having to put the baby in daycare and have to cut back on expenses. I will keep you in my phone for future cleaning services. You ladies are wonderful! Thank you so much! 
Maryann - 2015-04-24
Teresa, the ladies did a fantastic job of cleaning yesterday. thanks so much!
Sasha - 2015-04-09
Hello, I wanted to send an email to thank you for the amazing job you did at my house today. I was not sure what to expect, found you online – last minute deal but you exceeded my expectations in every way. I will be recommending your company to everyone I know and look forward to having your great ladies help me keep my new house clean once this one sells!
So happy I found you! Have a great day!
PS – I did not get the names of the two women who were here today but would love to specifically have them back once we move to help with bi-weekly cleaning in our new house.
Julee - 2015-03-31
Hi Teresa. We actually need to cancel the service all together. We are just going into a money savings mode & need to cut costs. The service has been great & if things change I will definitely reach out to you. Thanks
Tara - 2015-03-26
Thanks for my cleaning. The house looks great! Can we go ahead and set up a bi weekly schedule?
Linda - 2015-03-23
Hello Teresa, Your maids came to clean my home on Friday the 20th and I wanted to commend them for the excellent job they did! Is it possible to have the same maids come again?
SHIMON - 2015-03-16
They did a wonderful job cleaning my home today it looks clean and fills cleans... I want those lady every time
Danielle - 2015-03-02
Hi, I wanted to let you know the house looked great today!
Lainne - 2015-02-13
Teresa the house looks great, thanks so much!
Stacy - 2015-02-12
Such a great job today! Thank you!!!
Kate - 2015-02-09
You guys are th best. I always refer you out bc I love your teams

Gayle - 2015-01-15
The ladies did an outstanding job on preparing the house for final inspection. It looked and smelled awesome. The buyers did their final walk through yesterday and kept commenting on how spectacular the house looked and they were so pleased with the cleaning. Thank you so much - I have passed your contact information on to both the Realtor and the buyers. Take care and thanks again
Larry - 2015-01-08
Hi, We are gonna have to discontinue our house cleaning. It is just the two of us at home now and we are gonna do some traveling. You guys have ALWAYS a done a great job for us and we will get back in touch with you when we need to start up again.
Many, many thanks

Lacy - 2014-12-26
Awesome!!! They were amazing and we have been through a few different housekeepers and they r never as good as the first time they clean, however, I think this crew was and will be awesome!!! So in two weeks we can expect u? Correct? What time?
Amber - 2014-12-24
Today was hectic so sorry for texting this so late but the ladies todat did a excellent job! I was very pleased with them
Cici - 2014-12-23
Teresa, the girls did such a great job!!! We would love to have those same girls clean every other Friday if possible. Can u let me know if that will work?
Brenda - 2014-12-15
Hi Teresa! I wanted to let you know how Thankful I am to have found you and the sweet ladies you have working with you! Again My home was beautiful and clean this time! I feel like they take such great care of my home.
Wendy - 2014-12-15
They represent your company very well with cleaning thank you
Debrah - 2014-12-12
Love! Love! Loved the service! A 10 out of 10! I would love to have the two ladies on a regular basis.
Aly - 2014-12-09
My house looks amazing. Your girls were great!!
Wendy - 2014-12-06
Teresa! They are very good I like those 3 ladies, very nice and work and are happy
Ceci - 2014-12-05
Teresa, the girls did such a great job!!! We would love to have those same girls clean every other Friday if possible. Can u let me know if that will work? They were amazing and we have been through a few different housekeepers and they r never as good as the first time they clean, however, I think this crew was and will be awesome!!!

Chris L - 2014-11-26
Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for taking such good care of me!
Kathlleen - 2014-11-26
Ladies did a great job cleaning!! Thank you. How much would it run to clean every month or every other month?
Larry - 2014-11-26
They did a great job today. So thankful
Jackie - 2014-11-26
Duh, I am blind as a bat. LOL. I see the bag. And thanks for clarifying the dining room stuff. The house was spotless; great job
Brenda - 2014-11-14
Hi Teresa! I wanted to let you know the ladies did an amazing job cleaning the house!! I am so impressed! They were very sweet and my home smells and looks clean and fresh! Thank you so much for your service! What are the ladies names? I would love to have them as regulars and have a little something for them next time they come. Thank you again! I appreciate you and the ladies!!
Sarah - 2014-11-08
The ladies that cleaned the house today did the best job. I really like them
Terri - 2014-11-07
I just want to say a big thank you to the person that came to my house today. It looks fantastic! Thanks again!!
James - 2014-10-23
Teresa, the crew today did an excellent job!! For our next cleaning if the same crew can come that would be great. Thank you.
Joe - 2014-10-12
Teresa got my key and the girls did a great job!!!!
Angie - 2014-10-09
I just wanted to tell you that our house is the cleanest it has ever been and it smells great. My husband is OCD and pretty critical and says the same thing. So whatever they did different today please tell them to keep it up!
Meredith - 2014-08-26
Thank you, we have moved to Houston so we wont be needing you any longer. Thank you for the great service you have us for two years
Larry - 2014-08-22
They did an outstanding job for us today! Very impressed. My wife will be in touch with you to make sure we are on your schedule for the future

Beth - 2014-05-28
Thank you so much for being so flexible with my schedule! Y'all are wonderful and the ladies do a fantastic job!

Laurie - 2014-05-22
Valencia and her group were fantastic!!!! The house looks amazing!!
Chris - 2014-05-13
Another great job. Thanks!

Amanda - 2014-04-28
So impressed with the house! Beautiful as always. Thank you.

Beth - 2014-04-28
Yes, thank you. Also, regarding your survey question. I think M2O does a wonderful job. No complaints.
Vanessa - 2014-04-25
As always, Fidencia did a wonderful job.
Chris - 2014-04-14
Your teams are AMAZING!!! Great job plus lots of little touches that are so cool to find. Thank you!!!
Heather - 2014-04-07
Hi Teresa,
The house looked amazing on Friday. Thank you.
Let's schedule a bi-weekly cleaning going forward.

CL - 2014-03-18
Hey Teresa! I just got home from a very long day and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the level of service provided by your team! I've been given amazing service on initial and subsequent visits before; however, if you're able to deliver to this same level each and every month, I'm yours. Rest assured, I will provide feedback to validate as well as to critique; but please know as someone in the customer service industry for over 20yrs, my intent is to validate your efforts (or help you and your organization improve). Thanks again and I look forward to next month!
Tim - 2014-03-07
Hello, we thought Fidencia and her crew did a fantastic job cleaning our house last time. We would like to schedule them to come back for a monthly cleaning.
Our first choice would be the afternoon of Monday 3/24.
Please let me know if they are available.
Regards, Tim

Chris - 2014-02-26
I referred you all to a friend of mine and she uses you all and loves it.... Says you all do a great job!! And you do a great foe me too... Thanks

Amanda - 2014-02-21
Just making sure we are down for this week? Also, I want to get with you later about increasing the frequency :)
Y'all do such an awesome job!
Melanie - 2013-11-20
Excellent!! Thanks so much Teresa!! I'm loving your tips on FB. Keep 'em coming!!
Micky - 2013-10-25
Cleaners just left - fantastic job! This team is very good. Thanks!
Ann - 2013-10-02
Teresa, just wanted to let you know the ladies yesterday were very good and I really liked them. They were gentle with my blinds, and put everything back like they found it. I was very pleased! I like for them to pay attention to detail and they did
Thank you!
Gayle - 2013-09-24
House is perfect / great job! Thank you - love the ladies that came
Jessi - 2013-08-16
I wanted to let you know that your crew did a fabulous job cleaning my home yesterday! I'm very excited about using your services!
Petrina - 2013-08-14
Your team did a great job! Thanks for getting it scheduled so quickly..
Gayle - 2013-08-13
My house was perfect today - great job by the ladies. Thank you and the supervisor for the great customer service. Would love to keep who came today if possible
Letesha - 2013-06-24
My sister said the cleaning services were AMAZING! Thank u so much! It really blessed her. She never had anyone clean her home before. She loved it!

Jill - 2013-02-11
Hi Teresa, Just a note to say the ladies that came on Saturday did the best job ever, Please thank them for their effort.
Cambie - 2013-02-06
Your girls did an exceptional job today as usual!
Thank you
Jim - 2013-02-05
I wanted to let you know that we were very satisfied with the job done by the team that came to clean our house on Friday. They did a great job and were very polite and courteous as well. We would like to go forward on a monthly basis with your service. Thank you.

Stacy - 2013-02-01
The crew did an amazing job today!! Thank you very much!! I am very pleased!!
Mike - 2013-01-31
I just wanted to say, I ‘think’ this was first time I’ve seen these two at the house to clean (yesterday, Jan 30).

Very quick and the house is spotless.

Just wanted to pass on what a great job your teams continue to perform and how happy we are with your services.

Debrah - 2012-12-12
Love! Love! Loved the service! A 10 out of 10! I would love to have the two ladies on a regular basis.
gretchen - 2012-11-27
i just had to let you know that we are beyond thrilled with the cleaning we received today! even my husband cannot get over how amazing the house looks! and they were so sweet with my toddler twins & my little dog too!!! i can't wait to have them back again :)
Kathryn - 2012-11-08

I just wanted to let you know that my house looks amazing. I want to thank you so much! I cant tell you how great everything looks and how Clean my house is. Just amazing.
Thank you Thank you!
Micky - 2012-10-21
Ladies from today did a great job! Thank you!
Emiley - 2012-10-17
I wanted to let you know that the ladies who cleaned our house today did an excellent job. They went above and beyond to tackle a few trouble spots they noticed like cobwebs in a very high window.

The ladies were also very patient and kind with my very talkative toddler.

I'd love to have them come back any time for our cleaning.

Thank you very much,
Manuela - 2012-10-08
Teresa, I just want to let you know that the cleaning this week was absolutely OUTSTANDING we can tell they really cleaned in all the spots where cleaning was supposed to be cleaned.
Thank you
Mike - 2012-09-24
Teresa – I cannot tell you just how happy we are with your services. Absolutely top notch. We are always so happy after a cleaning.
Lavonna - 2012-08-27
Hi Teresa,
Your ladies, Fausta and Maria, did an absolutely outstanding job last on my first cleaning. I am so glad that I picked up your business card at the clubhouse and look forward to regular schedule with you.
Thanks so much!!!
Joyce - 2012-08-25
Hi, Teresa:
I am very satisfied with the first cleaning you provided. I will contact you if I need cleaning.

Debrah - 2012-08-24
I love te cleaning ladies!!! They rock!!! A+++++++++
Please tell them!!!
Laurie - 2012-05-24
Truly amazing!!! The ladies that were here today did a fantastic job and I am so impressed. They literally touched every surface and its clean!!
Julee - 2012-04-30
The house looks awesome!!! My whole family absolutely loves it. Thank you for all the hard work. It really does look amazing!
Mark - 2012-04-26
Good morning Teresa,
I just wanted to let you know that your crew did a fantastic job! I was really impressed with how hard they worked. You can definitely put me on the schedule.
Ange - 2012-04-17
Dear Teresa,
They were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They even washed my dishes that I had sitting in the sink. WOW! Sooooo impressed!
Thank you,
Roxanne - 2012-02-23
I just wanted to let you know that the ladies did a great job today! Totally met our expectations. Thank you so much! Kindest regards,

Sarah - 2011-12-20
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was when I came home yesterday. The house looked great! It's great having a contact person for cleaning the house... thank you for being very helpful and understanding of what I was wanting. Just wanted to thank you and your team for a great job!

M.E. did a great job last night. We just love her. Can we schedule again?
Robert - 2011-11-17
Hi Teresa, the folks you sent yesterday were really good. We will definitely recommend and use your company. We were very impressed. I will be recommending you to my customers that are in need of your services. Thanks so much for ALL the hard work.
Lisa - 2011-09-11
Y'all did a WONDERFUL job and I definitely want to set up a monthly service.
Natalie - 2011-07-31
I just wanted to say thank you for always doing a good job! I have a bad back and unable to clean my house and your maids are very good! I hope it's ok if I give a little over the payment amount for a tip.
Lainne - 2011-05-17
I was very pleased, I thought the ladies did a wonderful job.
Nicole - 2011-05-02
Thank you for doing such a great job for us, the house always looks amazing and makes me so happy!
Jacob - 2011-03-21
I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for giving me such a great deal on house-cleaning!!! Those girls were FANTASTIC!!! They got every little nook and cranny! My house smells and looks amazing!!! YEAH!!!!!! Thank you!!!

I also wanted you to know that I'm very impressed with Maid-2-Order customer service. I sent an email last week stating that I was unhappy with the service and Cindy called me back immediately. She made arrangement for additional service to correct the problem. And Cindy herself came out to my house, listen to the problems I had and corrected them. So hats off to you and your company for the excellent service!!!

Leah - 2011-01-24
Y'all did an EXCELLENT job! This is my first time to have a maid and it was WONDERFUL to come home from work to a clean and fresh smelling home! Everything was cleaned great... I'm SUPER pleased!!!
Thanks again SO MUCH!

Sarah - 2011-01-11
My house looks great!
Michelle - 2010-10-19
Thank you Teresa, they did a fantastic job!
Lisa - 2010-10-16
Thanks. You all did a great job.
Tiffany - 2010-09-28
My 9 yr old said that Marie did a great job in her room. She went above and beyond cleaning up some of the junk!

The lady that came yesterday was the best maid we have had by far! I'll change days or whatever I need to do to stay on her schedule. She was outstanding!

I just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely loving Cindy. She is awesome and I am loving the job she is doing. She is very efficient and thorough. Thanks so much! I am glad that we found you guys.

Laurie - 2010-09-17
You team did an amazing job!!!!

Thanks for bailing me out and I will certainly be back in touch!
Mary - 2010-08-25
You service has been cleaning our son's house in McKinney on Mondays since 10-8. He has been extremely pleased with your service. Your personnel are the best, thorough & professional in every way. He has been extremely pleased. He is moving in with a friend in Dallas until he finds his own place, but will call again when he does. Thanks!

Melissa - 2010-07-16
Hi Teresa,

I think the only thing that was missed was the inside of the oven. Other than that, they did a WONDERFUL job!!!! :) We will definitely be calling you again in the future.

Thank you so much!
Mary - 2010-05-18
No complaints! Party was fantastic. People who hadn't been to our house before were very complimentary about the house. People who were familiar with our usually messy house commented on how nice it looked. THANK YOU.

Rebecca - 2010-05-16

Wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the cleaning. I have used several cleaning services in our seven years here, and no one has ever been so thorough. Would like to schedule service every three weeks starting on 5/28 if you have availability. Do you have two time slots or three? Late morning would be great. If you don't have that, please let me know the earliest available. Thanks.
Deidre - 2010-04-25
Hi Teresa.

Thanks for checking in on the cleaning. The only items I found missed were some cobwebs in the master bedroom around the windows. (high windows so maybe they didn’t see them?)

Rick - 2010-04-23

We think you guys did a great job. I asked my wife and the only two things she mentioned were the base of the bannister on the front staircase and the stairs. Maybe if you can just touch those up when you are here that would be great.

Andrew - 2010-04-01
Hi Teresa:

We loved the job the ladies did cleaning our house. Everything is wonderfully clean. Please let them know we are thrilled with their work.

Thank you for doing such a great job!
Rachel - 2010-03-19

Teresa ~
The crew you sent to my house did a great job of cleaning. They forgot to dust my coffee table and television but I had out of town guests that had just arrived and we were a bit in their way. All in all, I was extremely pleased.
Thanks so much!
Katie - 2010-03-16
The cleaning was great! The women were very thorough. They even took out the dirty diaper bag. I think their names were Anna and perhaps Inez? Both were very friendly too!


Jannet - 2010-03-05
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job the girls did today. They even took the time to do things that I did not even expect or ask them to do. Thanks for the awesome cleaning!

...just wanted to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer in all areas, and given the amount of time they spend here...I'd even give them the "Extra Mile"
Renee - 2010-02-23
Tersa sorry that I have not written to yo about the service I received on 2-5-10. It was wonderful. I am very happy with the results and would like to talk to you about setting up a monthly schedule please.
Calli - 2010-02-19
It looked and looks FABULOUS!!!!! We thought they did a wonderful job and were extremely nice. Thank you so much!!!!
Jennifer - 2010-02-17

I just got home and my house looks AMAZING! I'm so pleased with your and your team's work. Thank you so much!!!
Milton - 2010-01-25
Just wanted to follow up with you regarding our service this past Saturday. We are definitely satisfied with the work.

Thank you so much for the excellent team you sent today. The team today cleaned my house beautifully and I really appreciate the effort the two ladies took to make it shine.
I know this isn't an easy business and you guys have high standards! Keep up the good work!
Russell - 2010-01-09

Your crew did a wonderful job on Thursday. I didn't realize how dirty this house was until they started working.

Thanks again,
Robin - 2009-12-14

I just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful clean house. Your service did a WONDERFUL job. I really have never had anyone clean our house this well. They were very sweet ladies also.

Have a Merry Christmas and thanks again!
Tony - 2009-10-30
I wanted to let you know that Cindy checked with me upon her arrival to see if everything was to my satisfaction from last time which I really appreciated. I asked her to make sure to vacuum our master bedroom closet which she did and the house looked great again this week. When my husband finished work this week, he came downstairs and commented on the fact that she did a great job vacuuming the stairs as he had tracked in some grass earlier in the week. Cindy is very thorough and takes care to make sure everything is in it's place before she leaves.

Thanks so much for a great cleaning!

Ross - I wanted to say thank you for the open communication about changes. I appreciate knowing you are looking out for the customer. I was very pleased with the service the week by the new employees.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was when I came home yesterday. The house looked great! It's great having a contact person for cleaning the house... thank you for being very helpful and understanding of what I was wanting. Just wanted to thank you and your team for a geat job!

Mary Ellen did a great job! Thanks so much.

Paula - 2009-10-25
Wow, what a service we received yesterday!!
The 2 ladies you sent to clean our house did such an excellent job prompting me to send you this email. I came home and saw the house sparkling clean and smelled great. Great work by your crew, please pass on my thanks to the team. I would like to request the same cleaning crew for future weekly cleaning. Thanks so much!

Geoff - 0000-00-00
They ladies just finished and wow they did a great job! Everything just sparkles! They seemed to clean some details that has been missed in the past. Please pass on my appreciation for their hard work
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